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Help for ParamQuery Pro / The sort command has no effect.
« on: November 18, 2017, 11:42:55 am »

Disability scene video:

I am trying to change the sort field.
It works well on your site.
url: (good change)

    var $grid = $("#grid_sorting_remote");
    var DM = $grid.pqGrid("option", "dataModel");
    DM.sortIndx = ["OrderDate"];
    DM.sortDir = ["up"];
    $grid.pqGrid("option", "dataModel", DM);

However, there is no change in my site at all.

    var $grid = $("#grid_filter");
    var DM = $grid.pqGrid("option", "dataModel");
    DM.sortIndx = ["MenuName"];
    DM.sortDir = ["up"];
    $grid.pqGrid("option", "dataModel", DM);

The source is very simple.

Why does not it change?



How do I change a cell to read-only via the console (Chrume F12key)?

cell : rowIndx: 2, dataIndx: "revenues"


thank you.

I added row via addRow ().
I modified the contents in the grid.

function saveChanges () {
                 var changes = grid.getChanges ({editable: true});

The normal case was as follows.
  • :

{idx: "930", RealPid: null, MenuName: "zzz", AutoGubun: null, g12: null, ... }

However, the line added by addRow () looks like this:
  • :
[idx: "931", RealPid: null, MenuName: "zzz", AutoGubun: null, g12: null, ... ]

What's the problem? What is the solution?

Help for ParamQuery Pro / How to fix cell width in "width: flex" state?
« on: September 28, 2017, 06:36:51 am »

I deliberately used "width: flex" as shown below.
I used "width: flex" for a special purpose.

However, the width of the AddURL is too long. The current width is over 800px.
I studied with cls:"zxzx", but failed to shorten it.
It seems that cls should not be.

,{ title: "AddURL", dataType: "textbox", dataIndx: "AddURL",width:"100", cls:"zxzx", editable: false }

"width: flex" does not change,
"width: flex" flex, What is the width of AddURL actually 100px?

Help for ParamQuery Pro / column is hidden, but filtering is use. how?
« on: September 24, 2017, 11:34:55 am »

Look at the attached picture.
I want to hide the column and filter it.
What can I do?

url :

Help for ParamQuery Pro / use ajax in the grid area
« on: September 15, 2017, 05:23:05 pm »

I succeeded in converting the search field to ajax keyword.

succeeded url:

As well as the toolbar inputbox, the ajax keyword was successfully implemented in the filter area as well.

ajax is lightweight to load. And it is very convenient.

I also want to use ajax in the grid area.

What should I do?

The hint is different.

Please show me the possibility.

Please let me know how you can decide.

Thank you.

Help for ParamQuery Pro / catch the maximum button (= fullscreen) event
« on: September 11, 2017, 04:14:58 pm »

For special reasons, I need to catch the maximum button (= fullscreen) event.

For example,

Click sorting ==== beforeSort: function (evt) {.....}

Reset filters Click ==== type: 'button',
label: 'Reset filters'
listener: function () {

maximum button (= fullscreen) event ====?



New page call by scroll down in infinite_scroll: What do you know?

I will explain in detail.

             postData: function () {
debugger; // What can I tell if it was called by scroll down?
                 return {
                     pq_curpage: pqIS.requestPage,
                     pq_rpp: pqIS.rpp

I see 100 lines at first, and when I scroll down, I see 100 lines again.
What are the characteristics of this time? How do I know from the debugger above?
When you scroll down, postData is called. What variables can I see at this time?

For example, instead of debugger, console.log (....)

url :


To achieve a specific purpose
How do I send user-defined variables and their values to the server?

For example,

<input name = "userDefine" type = "hidden" value = "12345" />

To the server is as follows.

userDefine : 12345

Help for ParamQuery Pro / multi filtering problem in the infinite_scroll
« on: September 04, 2017, 03:58:29 pm »

Was changed as follows.

dataIndx: 'notes' also added a filter like dataIndx: 'company'.

The results were good when loaded.
However, there was a problem when changing the filter value of dataIndx: 'notes'.
dataIndx: The filter value of 'company' is dead. It became blank. It is gone.

How can I fix it?


What do I need to fix to get the same results as attachments by editing the URL below?
What JavaScript should I fix?

Or open up examples of these complex filters.

I understand the following two examples.
I have also implemented each one.

The screen implementation was successful, but the search results are in an abnormal state.

Q: Are there any examples of mixing the two examples below?
         (I want to implement two filters at the same time)
(Field filter)
(Keyword filter)

thank you.


I want to set the filtering initial condition to [contain] instead of [Begins With].

In the example below, how do you initial filter with [contain]?

ex url :


The reasons I asked a few hours ago are:

In the example below, the mouse is scrolled by dragging.

http://Https:// (GOOD)

However, in the example below, scrolling does not occur with the mouse drag.

http://Https:// (BAD)

This is my problem.

How can I scroll by mouse drag as in the first example in the second example?

your answer :
Please correct the source at

Thank you.


Watch the video below.

If you grag the pc, the screen will scroll up and down.

However, when you grag on mobile, there is no change in scrolling.

How do scrolling move like iframes on mobile?

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