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First post after trying the evaluation version and I'm impressed so far, I've already loaded a few of the examples onto my server and I just did a c&p of the Collapsible Grouping onto my server and I like it.

However, I'm at the stage where I want to marry many of the different functionalities together and I'm just wondering how to add different functions to one of the examples, say Collapsible Grouping?

Start with one; Collapsible Grouping has cell editing, how do I add the ability to save so after refresh the browser the new value is still there?

Currently the data is coded into the javascript I placed into the html, I am assuming this will have to be placed into a database (mysql?) so when it is edited the change gets hard coded to the database?

Is this assumption correct?

Maybe someone could give me a pointer on how to do this or give an example I can copy?

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