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When exporting leading '0' values(ex. '012345') by using 'exportData' method, the leading zero are deleted in Excel(12345 instead of '012345').

in pqgrid    ->>  in excel
'012345' ->>  12345

Is there way to preserve the leading zero while exporting to excel?

When using KEY-VALUE pair data on filter options as below, inputting keywords in text box on filter popup searches KEY instead of VALUE.
Could I make it find VALUE?

filter : {
  crules:[{condition: "equal"}],
  options: [{k1:"AAA"},{k2:"BBB"},{k3:"CCC"}]

ParamQuery Pro Evaluation Support / remote filter listener is not working
« on: December 17, 2018, 07:17:33 pm »
I am using pqgrid v5.5 and chrome.
I expect that when filter option is selected, the listener function is called.
but 'change' listener is not firering.
what am I missing?

    dataIndx: "TmpltNm",
    title: "Template",
    filter: {
       options : app.sheet.getFilterOptions("TMPLT_NM")
       listener : {
         change : function(ui, evt){


Help for ParamQuery Grid (free version) / About grid filter
« on: November 15, 2018, 12:58:00 pm »
Hi, I have questions about grid filter

1. How to get the status indicating a grid is filtered or unfiltered?
2. How to get whole data from filtered grid?(including unfiltered row)

thank you.

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