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Hi there!

I am building a large grid (=20000 records or more with 20-30 columns): it is 5 columns with filterable data and then 20-25 columns of checkboxes.
I have made a simple toggle function that will allow the user to make a selection and then toggle all checkboxes in the selection with the rightMousebutton.

Code: [Select]
let selectionArr =  myGrid.pqGrid( "selection",
   type: 'cell', method: 'getSelection' }

for (var i = 0; i < selectionArr.length; i++) {
   let value = myGrid.pqGrid(  "getCell", { rowIndx: selectionArr[i].rowIndx, dataIndx: selectionArr[i].dataIndx, refresh: true } );

This works very well, however only on the items within the viewport as I am using virtualX and virtualY (without it it becomes too slow). The selection outside of the viewport is still selected, but none of the checkboxes are rendered in virtualX/virtualY so they can't be clicked. I had hoped I could get the data using something like:

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myGrid.pqGrid( "data", {rowIndx: selectionArr[1].rowIndx} ).data;

But that seems to be empty.

What would be the best solution for this?

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