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Suggest new features / Show Summary rows on top
« on: July 22, 2021, 03:10:46 pm »
Hello Team,

Our requirement is to show summary of rows on the top instead of showing in at the bottom of the grid.

Showing in bottom working fine but we require to show on the top.

Please check attached screenshot for understanding.

Bug Report / Rows skew in grid
« on: July 21, 2021, 02:49:14 pm »
Hello Team,

In Param query grid after using some operations rows are skew and not showing correctly.

Please check attached screenshot for better understanding.

Hi Team,


Please provide the code snippet and examples for the same.

Hi Team


While open dropdown list then its values are overlap to Screen window so we needs to shows dropdown values within screen window in Grid.

Please provide examples and code snippet.

Please find the attached screenshot:-

Hello Team,

We have % Spent column (calculated as % Spent = Cost (H) / Budget (F) in rendering function) in paramquery grid.

% Spent is dependent on Budget & Cost Column.

Now when we are trying to see it in the Pivot mode then it is showing 0 in each cell of % Spent column instead of calculating its value its value.

 Can You please help me to give a solution for it?

Hello Team,

We a have paramquery grid with some numerical records with Budget Class (column) = "Budget" and some with Budget Class = "Portfolio" .
We are calculating the summary row as Total Budget remaining = Sum of Portfolio records - Sum of Budget records in Normal Mode of Grid.

Now when we are tying to calculate Total Budget remaining in Pivot mode of Grid then it is not calculating and showing blank in grand summary row.

Can we able to custom calculate it in Pivot mode too ? Please help us to resolve the issue.

Hello Team,


Hello Team,


I need to be change font color as red and background color as yellow while adding new row in grid.

Please suggest to me or provide snippet of code.

Please find the below screenshot:-

Hello Team,


As we require how to stop drag and drop group rows one group to another group rows.

We need only same group we can drag and drop rows.

Please provide some example code or snippet of code.

Please find the below attached screenshots-

Hello Team,

Thank you so much :)

Hello Team,

We want to sort Projects by their Priority in descending order in row grouping, dynamically.

We need to sort it in on page load and on some different instances (dynamically).

One Case it is working but another one case it is working (sorting record as required).

Please check below plunkr and give a solution (sorting Projects by their Priority in descending order in row grouping keeping portfolio-record on top).

Note: >records of .constructive (.Budget/portfolio) should always need in top (sometimes - sorting record as Priority descending, it is coming down.)

Plunkr/problem URL:

Hello Team,


But we need to calculate division in each summary row or each row (or every summary row).

0 is showing summary row but we require like 32000/1000=3.2 as shown in below image and plunkr

Please check and give a solution


Hello Team,

We want calculate and show result of division by below formula in new column "Calculated" in paramquery grid.
Calculated = Original Budget/Projected Budget

We added a code snipped in below URL- Please check it and update it with a solution.

Plunkr/problem url:

Help for ParamQuery Pro / Re: Render CSS According to Child Items
« on: October 27, 2020, 04:43:07 pm »
Hello Team,

Thanks for Quick Response. We aware of render functionality but our requirement is little change. Please check below details.

We did not want to change CSS according to current cell value.

We require to change CSS of pq_level:0 according to pq_level: 1 value.

If value of pq_level 1 summary is negative than for respective parent pq_level 0 column font we require to show in red color.

Help for ParamQuery Pro / Render CSS According to Child Items
« on: October 27, 2020, 03:11:24 pm »
Hello Team,

We have 3 level grouping and if Level 2 group summary have negative values than we require to show Level 1 font in Red color.

For Example we added a image for reference.

In image Sunil is in level 2 and having negative values and in this case Level 1 font summary require to show in negative according to respective columns.

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