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When using with JQuery 3.5.1 with JQueryUI 1.13.x (the latest jQueryUI library). PQGrid does not work.
So, in order to use it. We have to stick to the compatibility with jQueryUI 1.12.x.
Is that correct?

Seems we can't we use jQuery UI 1.13.x with PQ Grid 7.7.0.

We want to upgrade the Jquery UI to latest version. But it seems its not working with ParamQuery Version 7.7.0
When using with Jquery 3.5.1. Please let us know which version of latest jquery work with PQGrid.
A version compatibility of Latest PQGrid and Jquery Libraries will help.


Help for ParamQuery Pro / Export Excel feature
« on: May 10, 2021, 11:11:42 pm »

We are trying to remove the usage of the Session in the MVC implementation of Export to CSV functionality mentioned @ This mentions a HttpPost and HttpGet action method, post saving the session object and get then using it to generate the file.

Is there an implementation which can merge both of them into single action method that avoid usage of Session? There could be other ways like using a file or DB to save the contents but we want to know if there is an implementation inbuilt.


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