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Bug Report / MOVED: Need "Complete" Event
« on: November 12, 2015, 09:25:47 am »

News / Upgrade to Pro Version 3.2.0
« on: October 13, 2015, 01:04:40 pm »
Dear All

Thanks for your support and feedback, we are glad to announce yet another version and with this version we have moved significantly closer to a powerful web based spreadsheet by introducing the following features:

1. Merged cells. We can now have merged cells that can span over hundred of thousand of rows and columns similar to our support for unlimited rows and columns.

2. Range object for collective manipulation of cells. It makes the manipulation of cells so much easier for example the content of 1st column from left can be cut and paste onto the 3rd column from left in a single line of code.

grid.range( { c1: 0 } ).cut( { dest: { c1: 2 } );

3. Cut the selected cells/rows/columns and use the data for paste later on. It can be done with click of a button or use of Ctrl / Command X.

4. Delete the selections with delete key.

5. Column based selections. We already have row and cell based selections , in this version we have also added column based selections.

And we have the following updates as for the grid features:

1. Checkbox columns have been revamped in this version to support their use in transactional editing, support validations, display disabled checkboxes and to support overriding their default rendering with column.render and header cell rendering. As a tradeoff, we had to drop support for IE8 for this feature as this old browser has many inconsistencies for checkbox.

2. New lightweight events which can be directly bound to grid instance. Its API is similar to the jQuery based events e.g., it has methods on, one and off to bind callbacks with events.

3. Export of rendered cells. It's quite helpful when we want to format the exported cells.

4. Asynchronous post rendering.

5. Improvement in conditional styles whereby class, style and HTML attributes can be injected into a row or cell based upon any run time condition in rowInit and column.render respectively.

Note: There are breaking changes in this version, so please refer to the upgrade guide when you migrate to this version from an older one.

As always we welcome valuable feedback from the members and please suggest us the features you would like in your upcoming projects.

Best Regards
The ParamQuery Team

News / Upgrade to Pro Version 3.1.0
« on: July 15, 2015, 11:47:12 pm »
Dear All

Version 3.1.0 has been launched with some fixes which are mentioned in the change log in SDK.

And there is a new feature of asynchronous post rendering in cells for convenient rendering of charts or interactive rich content in the cells without hampering the performance.

Best Regards
The ParamQuery Team

News / Upgrade to Pro Version 3.0.0
« on: June 30, 2015, 05:04:59 pm »
Dear All

The much awaited new version 3.0.0 with the below mentioned enhancements has been launched. Please go through the upgrade guide to know the upgrade related changes and check the changelog included in the SDK.

1. Bootstrap support: Official support for bootstrap (version 3.x) has been added with this version. That implies PQ plugins can not only be used in bootstrap environment but bootstrap specific classes e.g., table-striped, table-bordered, etc and bootstrap glyphicons can also be used in the plugins.

2. Flex layout for columns: In previous versions flex layouts were limited to height and width of the grid. Now it's also supported for columns whereby double click on the edge of column header cells lead to auto calculation of the width of the column so that all cell content in the column is visible without text wrap. There is also flex API which can be configured & invoked programmatically.

3. Save / Load state: The state of the grid w.r.t. the order & width of columns, filter state, sort state can all be saved in browser local storage or database so that the grid state can be restored at a later time.

4. Revamped Sorting: Sorting API has been enriched with sort method, more parameters in beforeSort, sort events. The sorting can also be cancelled to restore the original order of records.

5. maxHeight support: It's quite useful when used along with flex height.

6. Support for grouped columns even in virtual columns mode { virtualX: true }.

7. colModel is optional  as grid can autogenerate columns from data in the grid.

8. columnOrder event.

Best Regards
The ParamQuery Team

News / Upgrade to Pro Version 2.4.1
« on: March 21, 2015, 11:02:43 am »
Dear All

Please upgrade pqGrid to Version 2.4.1 which is a bug fix version. There is no API change in grid for this version.

1) The following is the change log (fixes for the issues) for grid in this version.

   Incorrect header filter field widths when column.width in %
   Header filter fields cut off when column widths change due to flexContent:true
   Text same color as background in some themes e.g., Le-frog   
   last column auto should work only with virtualX:true
   sort event not firing with local sorting
   Error is thrown if grid is destroyed with pending remote request.
   refresh method of scrollbar.
   rowData in editor.getData callback.
   Lazy draggable with resizable columns for performance.
   Firefox scroll with height:'flex'
   Export to excel broken with hidden columns.

2) pqSelect is version 1.2.0 which adds following new features.

  collision detection
  position option based on jQueryUI position API
  swipe scrolling in touch devices. 

  removal of console.log statements in pqselect.min.js
  Radio button & Checkbox in popup menu not checked/unchecked when click directly.
  strange blue box at bottom when search is false.

Best Regards
The ParamQuery Team

Help for ParamQuery Pro / MOVED: Problem with browser zoom
« on: March 18, 2015, 10:36:22 pm »

News / Upgrade to Pro Version 2.4.0
« on: February 17, 2015, 01:00:37 pm »
Dear All

The much awaited ParamQuery Pro version 2.4.0 has been launched. The following are the highlights of this version:

1) It adds new component pqSelect which converts ordinary select lists ( multiple and single select lists ) into a theme ready jQueryUI widget  with support for grouping, disabled options and supplemented with the functionality to add checkboxes/ radio buttons, search options, keyboard navigation and many options, methods and events.

Its API is here

and example usage is and

2) Based on members' feedback, it makes working with select lists much more convenient and powerful with addition of more sub-options i.e., dataMap, mapIndices in column.editor. dataMap enables us to add any number of supplemental fields in select list option besides value and label. mapIndices binds the fields in select list option directly to the fields in a row in the grid.

3) It makes refinements and optimizations in the non-virtual mode scrolling resulting in noticeably faster and smooth scrolling in IE, Firefox and iPad/touch devices.

4) It adds new functionality in row grouping making the feature similar to pivot tables.

Please keep us updated with your valuable feedback so as to let us innovate and serve you with the best jQueryUI controls.

Best Regards
The ParamQuery Team

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