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Hi There,

Can you please let me know how to add tooltip to PQGrid headers?


Thanks A lot for your help on this.  It does improves the performance.  Works like a charm

Thanks a lot param for helping on this.  It does improves the performance.  Works like a charm.

If I copy the whole word(ex: baseball) and paste it in to the filter text box its works fine and get back the results in 10 seconds.

Thanks for your reply.  I did downloaded the latest version of PQgrid 3.3.1.  It seems the issue got resolved.  I don't see the "Max call stak exceeded" error,  but I do see lot of performance issues.  Its not filtering smooth for the large data set after I applied the new version.  For each and every alphabet or number I enter in filter box its taking time to retrieve the results and the page is not responsive until then I can't able to enter the next alphabet or number.  The time between two alphabets or numbers to filter in the textbox is 1 to 2 minutes.  Definitely this will be a performance issue in the customer view perspective.  Please use the previous jsfiddle which I send to test or create one and send it over here, because I don't want to put the latest version of pqgrid.min.js in jsfiddle to test and send it to you.  Thanks in advance for your quick response on this.

can you please send me the latest patch through the provided email?

Hi,  Can you please let me know when can I can get the updated version for this fix?

Please find the jsfiddle.
Open the bowser console then In the filter box search with 1207$ to see the error.

when I tested in my local with 90000 PQGrid seems to be working fine.  can you try with data more than 100000, 200000, 300000 ..... 1million to reproduce.  I got the exception in browser console when I was testing 215000 rows.

I am using version 3.3.0. 

#Sample script for rendering grid

var data = json with 100000 objects in data

var renderGrid = function (container, title, headers, data, exportHandler) {
        var str = JSON.stringify(data).replace(/\bNaN\b/g, "");
        str = str.replace(/\bNAN\b/g, "");
        data = JSON.parse(str);
        var grid = {
            title: title,
            topVisible: false,
            flexHeight: false,
            showTop: true,
            showBottom: true,
            showHeader: true,
            roundedCorners: true,
            hoverMode: 'row',
            numberCell: {width: 70, resizable: true},
            virtualX: true,
            virtualY: true,
            virtualXHeader: false,
            width: 'auto',
            flex: { one: true },
            selectionModel: {type: 'row', mode: 'single', fireSelectChange: true},
            filterModel: {on: true, mode: "AND", header: true},
            collapsible: {on: false},
            toolbar: {
                cls: 'pq-toolbar-crud',
                style: 'text-align: right;',
                items: [
                        type: 'button',
                        style: 'font-size: 10px; padding: 5px;',
                        label: 'Export to CSV',
                        icon: 'ui-icon-plus',
                        listeners: [{click: exportHandler}]

        grid.colModel = headers;
        grid.dataModel = {
            data: data,
            location: "local",
            sorting: "local"

        var pqGridObj = $(container).pqGrid(grid);
        var tempGrid = pqGridObj.pqGrid("getInstance").grid;
        for (var i in headers) {
            if (headers.dataType == "string") {
                headers.align = "left";
            var filter = headers.filter;
            if (filter.type == "select" && filter.attr == "multiple" && filter.condition == "range") {
                filter.cache = null;
                filter.options = tempGrid.getData({dataIndx: [headers.dataIndx]});

        return pqGridObj;
    renderGrid("#divId", "title", data.headers,;

Hi,  I'm using local filtering. I found that the error happens when the part of the PQGrid has more than 10000 records or rows.  It happens when I search with $ (dollar) symbol only (for example:  42$1234).  It throws the exception in browser console and the PQGrid will become unresponsive.  Can you please let me know to fix this issue.

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