Author Topic: Automatically generate create record form  (Read 3004 times)


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Automatically generate create record form
« on: September 29, 2016, 10:17:25 pm »
Check out or (Add New Record buttom).

JTable dynamically generates a form (with some validation and modal pop-up) from from their column model for creating a new record.

Whats the difference between this and just entering a new record into a table?  One scenario is there may be fields in the colModel that are not visible by default, but need a required value.  JTable demonstrate this in their demo.  Another, for mobile device this is easier data entry.  And, its easier to tab through fields for fast data entry.

Also, you could improve this model by extending the pqGrid colModel to include an optional "tip" property.  This would allow you to include a help tip for how the field/value is used within this data entry form.  The use/case for that would be more of a CRUD model to support db table maintenance.   You could also display the tip in the grid header row - but I think the tip should not be limited in length to support this use/case.;).

Just something to consider - thanks