Author Topic: Sorting on different column  (Read 2508 times)


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Sorting on different column
« on: November 18, 2016, 12:42:28 am »
The ability to sort one column (when column header is clicked) by actually sorting on another column (most likely a hidden column) would be useful.  I know this can be achieved with a callback in the sortModel for the column (that is what we are doing) but it would be much easier if we could just add something like this to the colModel:

sortDataIndx: sort_MyLink

This is especially handy if you have replaced the data in the column with an HTML link or an image tag.  You could argue not to replace the data in the column with an HTML link and use a renderer on the column instead to take the data and generate the link, but you don't always have all the data you need in just the cell data.

Anyway, this would be a nice useful feature.