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Major Pro Version 4.0.0
« on: August 27, 2017, 10:44:27 pm »
Dear All

We are pleased to announce release of major upgrade version 4.0.0

It adds many disruptive features in addition to performance and security tweaks.

a)  Tree grid: it was a long pending feature request by many of our members.
This version adds a full featured tree grid which can be used along with existing and familiar functionality of grid like sorting, filtering, formulas, styling, rendering and formatting.


It supports:

1. Local or remote data.

2. data can be in either nested or plain format.

3. lazy or dynamic loading of nodes.

4. Checkboxes: simple and cascade.

5. Checkbox based row Selections.

6. Custom icons beside tree nodes.

7. Summary of columns at all levels of nodes.

b) Excel like spreadsheet:

pqGrid is enriched with lot of useful and practical spreadsheet features like

1. It can be used to display and work on unbound data like that in a spreadsheet.

2. Support for around 90 commonly used Excel formulas with intellisense. Formula engine of pq spreadsheet is not only fast but also extensible.

3. Import from Excel xlsx files with data, formulas, merged cells, basic styles & formatting, etc.


4. Export of data, formulas, merged cells, basic styles & formatting to Excel xlsx files.

5. Headless javascript workbook that can be created from grid or from a xlsx file.
It makes it a breeze to work with spreadsheets with familiar javascript API that helps automate the process of generating and consuming xlsx files on the fly.

6. Spreadsheet features can also be used with bound data of grid and in routine operations like inline editing, summary of columns, etc.

c) Column collapsing:

This version adds API and UI to support collapsing of columns.


d) Typescript definition file:

pqgrid.d.ts has been added for convenience of intellisense and getting type information of parameters of grid API. It saves time by doing away with the need to do round trips to look at API documents while writing down code. This feature can be used in an editor with typescript support like VS Code or Atom.

e) Row grouping titles in single column:

This version adds support to display row group titles in a single dedicated column.


There are some breaking changes w.r.t previous versions so please ensure to read the upgrade guide while migration of your code to new version.

Happy coding!

Best Regards
The ParamQuery Team
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