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Updated roadmap of ParamQuery

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Dear members

Updated on May 13, 2021

Thanks for your continued support and feedback, without which pqgrid wouldn't have been possible.

We have added lot of useful features in paramquery tool till date, yet there is more to be done keeping in view the fast evolution of javascript ecosystem and ever increasing number of js frameworks.

Here is our revised roadmap for immediate upcoming releases.

1. a) Add tabbed interface to display multiple worksheets within a single grid. ( in progress )

    b) Add support for cross reference formulas in multiple worksheets . ( in progress )

2. Improve accessibility.

3. Add integrated support for charts.

4. Make inline editor prettier like Google sheets. ( Part complete and released )

5. Conditional drag & drop of columns, make the grid scroll while drag of columns.

6. Import/ Export of HYPERLINK formula to / from Excel.

7. Import / Export of dropdown lists to / from Excel.

8. Exploit inbuilt collapsible grouped rows interface of Excel.

9. Add configurable ability to skip hidden columns while copy / paste.

10. Add ability to enforce dataType of cell values while export to Excel.

And the features listed in "Suggest new features" board. If you feel pressing need for a new feature in pqgrid, please don't hesitate to post it in "Suggest new features" board, we would do our best to provide that feature.

Complete and released features:

1. Animations while sorting, filtering, expand/collapse rows/ groups, autoRow height, collapse column groups, show hide columns/ rows, flex columns

2. pqgrid interface for Angular 2+, React js and Vuejs

3. Drag drop rows ( sortable in same grid ), in between different grids, in between grid and external components or plain divs. Support for plain grid, treegrid and grid with grouped rows

4. smooth scrolling ( with virtual rendering ) and native swipe support in touch devices

5. Pivot tables with running column totals

6. Context menu in Header bar and body of grid to easy access the functionality of merge cells, add/remove new rows/columns, cell formatting, styles and filtering. ( complete for filter and show hide columns )

7. RTL support.

8. Range based row selections from number cells.
9. Separate mode of spreadsheet like filtering:  hide filtered out rows instead of taking them out of ( complete and released, but need to extend support for cascade filtering )

10. While Import/ Export and editing of spreadsheets: extend support to more styles
  a) borders
  b) comments
  c) embed images / pictures

11. Add API and UI via buttons, dropdowns in toolbar to easily manipulate the spreadsheet styles based on selected range of cells.

12. Save and load state of open / closed nodes in grouping rows.

13. Save and load state of open / closed nodes in treegrid.

14. Import csv file. (v7.4.0)

15. Make rows height resizable similar to Excel. (v7.4.0)

On hold features:

1. Google Material design: Most of the specifications are already in place.

Best Regards
The ParamQuery Team

Dear ParamQuery Team,

When will the interface for Vuejs be released?

Dear Paramquery team,

The fore-mentioned ETA date of Feb. 15, 2019 to support React.js has passed.  Is the support still on current roadmap and what will be the ETA?

React and Vue support development is almost complete, only Angular is taking longer. May be React and Vue would be released before Angular.

ETA is March 2019 now.

Dear Paramquery team,

Waiting for the support of Vue. Any good news?


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