Author Topic: Upgrade to Pro Version 5.3.0  (Read 4163 times)


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Upgrade to Pro Version 5.3.0
« on: August 21, 2018, 09:03:43 am »
Dear all

Version 5.3.0 has been released with bug fixes for v5.2.0 and some minor but quite useful API enhancements.

1. Grouped columns collapsing in pivot grid.

2. new column.format callback enabling us to
   a) sort the pivot column group titles / row group titles correctly for months, quarters years or any other imaginable interval.
   b) do date time formatting

3. Enhancements in filter: new filter.maxCheck property to limit number of checked checkboxes in filter dropdown. Filter dropdown for equal filter condition for strings with inbuilt filter.maxCheck = 1.

4. Grouped columns: new column.showifOpen property enabling us to add another mode to show / hide columns.

There is no known breaking change in this version w.r.t. v5.2.0

Best Regards
The ParamQuery team