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Drag and Drop on Nested Gride


Hi !

I have a nested grid with only one level, parent and child. I need to allow order position with drag and drop.
Parents are changing without any trouble, but when I try to operate drag on child row, the child row jump to the top of the grid.

I would like to know if it's possible to allow row drag and drop of children staying in children view ?

Thanks in advance

Drag & drop of rows in nested grids is not supported yet. I'm moving it to feature request board.

Sounds great additional value  ;)

For my immediate needs, I turn nested grid into tree.
Drag drops works well except I would like to prevent a moving nodes change of level. and make drag and drop only allowed between same level.

Would you be kind giving me some reflex ions track to achieve It ?

Hi Paramvir
This is a much needed feature. Please expedite.


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