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We have facing issue with PQ-Grid about header checkbox column. We have implement header column with checkbox for check-uncheck all relevant checkbox in row, Its work only for visible records, but when we scroll down content panel, its loose all checked status, that is with open source version of PQ-Grid. 

As you mentioned your website that is pro-version of PQ-Grid checkbox feature, so we have purchased pro-version but we are having same issues.

Actually This kind of structure we have implemented in our whole application & now we are struggling with rendering issues :(

Please refer the attachment for better clarification.

Waiting for positive & quick reply.

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for You warm response...!!!

Please, check attached source we are not able to get last checkboxes.

We are more thankful if you are providing Skype id for more conversation.

Pintu and Ramesh.

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