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column editor not firing pqgridcellbeforesave?


I've managed to get regular textarea updates working fine with editor and editModel, with pqgridcellbeforesave, working fine.
My difficulty is getting pqgridcellbeforesave, when specifying a different editor (like 'select', or 'checkbox' under colModel.  Im assuming there's a simple way to do this, that Im missing?
Thanks in advance.

Here's some code...

var colModel[
      title: 'Auto'
      ,sortable: false
      ,Width: 70
      ,dataType: 'bool'
      ,dataIndx: 'auto'
      ,align: 'center'
      ,editor { type: 'checkbox' , cls: 'checkBoxColumn'}
var obj {
    ,editable: true
    ,editor: { type: "textbox" }
    ,editModel: {
      clicksToEdit: '1', 
      saveKey: $.ui.keyCode.ENTER, // or 13.
      select: false,
      keyUpDown: false,   
      cellBorderWidth: 0

var $grid = $("#grid").pqGrid(obj);

$grid.on( "pqgridcellbeforesave", function( evt, ui ) {
$.ajax(...) //This works right, when this event is fired.

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hmm, well, I think I have it working by making the following change.
I changed the pqgridcellbeforesave to pqgridcellsave, and that seems to fire for both kinds.

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