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Upgrade to Pro Version 7.2.0


Dear All

We are pleased to announce release of version 7.2.0

Besides bug fixes, it introduces few new functional features.

1. More control over close/open state of individual nodes in treegrid/row grouping/pivot and save/restore their state.

2. Support for adding or removing floating images or pictures in grid, treegrid or spreadsheet during runtime or initialization.

3. Floating images are importable from and exportable to Excel.

4. Context menu enhancements: Context menu can be defined for any element in grid and more options.

Best Regards
The ParamQuery Team

This is awesome.  Loving the new version so far.  Do you have any samples showing the new Pic feature? 

Thanks Mario.

So far there are 2 examples that use new Pic feature:

Great, thank you.


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