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About the behavior of check boxes


Masaomi Matsuda:
If you operate the check boxes as shown below, the display will be incorrect. Is there a workaround for this issue?

1. 1. I have a table with checkbox columns and multiple rows.

2. Check the checkboxes in all rows except the bottom row

3. Check all of the headers Check the checkbox

4. Even if you perform the operation of 3, the appearance remains in the state of 2.

5. If you operate the script and check the status, you can see that all are in the selected status.

I think that it is a problem of appearance from the state of 5., but I want to do something because there is a mismatch with the state.

Thanks for reporting the issue, I'm able to reproduce it, its fix would be available in the upcoming version.

This is fixed in v7.6.0


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