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Select editor does not update mapped field when drag or paste



You can see in the animated GIF behavior of the editor and its mapped field:

--- Code: ---mapIndices: { "text": "ShipVia", "value": "ShipViaId" },
--- End code ---

This is easily reproductible on the original page:
Please make mapped field visible:

--- Code: ---{ dataIndx: 'ShipViaId', hidden: false} , //hidden column to store ShipVia Id.
--- End code ---

Thank you in advance

This is not a bug. mapIndices is a property of editor and hence work only with inline editing.

formulas can be used instead of mapIndices to map the key value pairs always.


Neither it's a feature ;) Using formulas looks like workaround while having such a good idea to use mapIndices.

Thanks a lot for reply! Please add information about this limitation to documentation, because that was not obvious and could lead to invisible errors (like in example with a hidden field).


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