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Checkbox does not work



I am using ParamQuery Pro v4.0.3. Unfortunately, based on the example found, the checkbox in the grid could not work either.

I used this example (

                { dataIndx: "state", maxWidth: 30, minWidth: 30, align: "center", resizable: false,
                    title: "",
                    menuIcon: false,
                    type: 'checkBoxSelection', cls: 'ui-state-default', sortable: false, editor: false,
                    dataType: 'bool',
                    cb: {
                        all: false, //checkbox selection in the header affect current page only.
                        header: true //show checkbox in header.

'State' also gets a value.
                                ugyfel.ELO as elo,
                                ARAJANLATBOL as arajanlatbol,
                                false as state,
                                'false' as disabled
                            from ugyfel

The checkbox does not appear in the header and those in the cells are not checked when clicked.

Please refer to examples for v4:


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