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How to change filtering target.


Please inquire how to use filtering in PQGrid.

The dataModel has a value in code form.
When displaying this value in the cells of the grid,
We implemented a conditional statement inside the colModel.render(ui) function so that it is displayed in the form of a sentence according to the code value.

However, when I filter this column, I want to set the filtering target as a sentence, not a code value.
Of course, code values in dataModel must be untransformed.
Is there any way I can use it in this case?

Default filtering takes place on cell values and not rendered values.

Filtering on rendering values can be done by adding new filter condition or overriding compare function of inbuilt conditions:


Thank you for answer.

Ok, I understand.
Do you have any plans to add an option to filter rendered values in the future?


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