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Special select,input form in cell


Hello Param,

I have solved most of the issues and pq Works well. If you can help me to solve last 3 things I will be appreciated.

Open a  box "select" in a cell :
* I could not succeed to open a select box in a cell. Whe I enter to 3rd column to edit, can pq return a code as below?
<select><option value='1ABC'>Option-1</option><option value='415'>Option-2</option><option value='5454'>Option-3</option></select>

Open a  "multiselect widget" in a cell:

Use a "special input format"
* I want to use this special input format when ı come over 2nd column. I took the code as it is. I wrote

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Thank you perfectly.

Only problem "MultiSelect" does not selected "<option>"

"select multiple"

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