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I have added the following code for filter header data but text box below the header box is not showing. only blank box is showing.
Could you please guide me which part of code I did not added.
var obj=

filterModel: { on: true, mode: "AND", header: true }


                    title: "Product Name", width: 165, dataType: "string", dataIndx: "ProductName",
                    filter: { type: 'textbox', condition: 'begin', listeners: ['change'] },
                    validations: [
                        { type: 'minLen', value: 1, msg: "Required" },
                        { type: 'maxLen', value: 40, msg: "length should be <= 40" }

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Any link for Dynamic filter header with drop down.

=> I want a header filter on the basis of dropdown value but with the following condition.

1. Header drop down value should be dynamic means that when I click on the dropdown all drop down value will display not from the existing grid and user will select one.
2. Once the user will select the value, Dynamic filter will apply.

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I have some query for binding data to header drop down.

1. I have a drop down for year and I have used the following code.

 filter: {
                                crules: [{ condition: 'range' }],

                                //options can also be created dynamically inside a callback.     
                                options: [
                                 //$.getJSON("controls/Common.ashx?Action=Month", function (response) {
                                    //    (response);
                                    { "1": "January" },
                                    { "2": "Febuary" }

And controls/Common.ashx?Action=Month is returning


Issue: Should I change the data format as same to the red mark.


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