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table auto scroll


1. When the table has more than 1000 rows and 30 columns of data, drag the bottom scroll bar, and the page will get stuck. Can you handle this situation?
2. In some cases, the mouse wheel does not scroll, but just moves the mouse, and then the table data will move up and down. Can this be handled?

thank you。

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Click the mouse wheel, slide the mouse, the table will automatically scroll. Click the left mouse button and the form will exit the automatic sliding state.
1. At this time, move the mouse to the header, slide the mouse left and right (not click but slide), and the table data will automatically scroll up.
2. Move the mouse to the end of the table, slide the mouse left and right, and the data of the table will automatically scroll down.
The above situation only appears in ie, other browsers have no problem.
The official case also has this problem in ie.
How to solve this problem? thank you


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