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Filtering with local data


*nevermind!*   I figured this one out after much trial and error

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All was good until I added the ability to refresh the data.    I the refreshed data view doesn't filter and trying to apply a filter after the data is refreshed results in no filtering.  I can see that the filter object is still being properly created when i log the object to console, but it appears to loose track of the data is suppose to filter... sometimes it appears to resort the data row (not per my sortIndx,  but still ignores the filter.  I want to be able to refresh data (these are statistic bits) with the filters applied.

Some background:

To accomodate your demand for flat array structures, I convert from my heirarchal JSON data structures to dataq in the following format:

        [ {data1a: 'a', data1b: 'b'}, {data2a: 'aa', data2b: 'bb'} ,  {data3a: 'aaa', data3b: 'bbb'} ]

Since these rows expand and contracts depending on whats going on, I set up the initial data structure with a push:  $("#stats_table").data('pqstore').push(data_set);   where, basically, data_set = {data1a: 'a', data1b: 'b'}; 

To refresh this, I remove the datastore, reinitialize it and then reload it:


Any other method is duplicating the data, but this method breaks the filtering...   Can you provide me some insight as to what needs to happen here? This feature is one of the major reasons I wanted to use this library.

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