Author Topic: How to Filter the rendered column  (Read 173 times)

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How to Filter the rendered column
« on: February 13, 2023, 05:23:17 pm »
Dear Paramvir,

I am facing an issue while filtering the data of a rendered column.

My column Model is as follows.
                title: "Is Default", dataType: "string", dataIndx: "IsDefault", editable: false,
                render: function (ui) {
                    var isdefault = ui.rowData.IsDefault;
                    if (isdefault == 1) {
                        return `<span>Yes</span>`;
                    else {
                        return `<span>No</span>`;

From my data object, I am getting a column with the Property of IsDefault.
 The values of the IsDefault column are in 0/1 Format and in rendering I am updating the text of the column as Yes/No.

The above code is perfectly working in the Display and export, but the filter not working.

Also, for the date column I am using the format prop of the column. While using the format prop. Display and Filter are working but in export data display as in the original format

Kindly provide a solution/ method for the above mention queries.