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Upgrade to Pro Version 9.0.0
« on: May 31, 2023, 07:43:51 pm »
Dear All

We are delighted to announce the release of the highly anticipated version v9.0.0, packed with remarkable enhancements to elevate your experience. Here are the key features and improvements:

PDF Export: Introducing a brand-new feature that allows seamless export to PDF using the powerful pdfMake library. Now you can effortlessly generate professional-looking PDF documents directly from your application.

Example of pdf export:

Example of pdf export for non English languages:

Enhanced Export Functionality: We have completely revamped the export functionality based on valuable user feedback. You'll now enjoy a more streamlined and efficient export process for all formats, including xlsx, html, csv, and pdf. The following improvements have been implemented:

a) Introducing a new intermediate JavaScript object for exporting to CSV, HTML, and PDF. This object functions similarly to the JavaScript workbook for spreadsheets, enabling you to export multiple grids, nested grids, or grids with detail rows effortlessly.

b) We have introduced a new column property called "skipExport," which allows you to exclude specific columns from the export process. Unlike earlier versions, this property also supports grouped columns, providing you with more flexibility and control. The "skipExport" property replaces the previous "copy: false" property for export purposes.

c) You now have the ability to exclude hidden columns, rows, and sheets entirely from the exported data. Simply utilize the new parameters "skipHiddenRows," "skipHiddenCols," and "skipHiddenSheets" when invoking the exportData method.

d) Selectively export only the desired sheets out of a workbook.

e) Selectively export only the desired rows, columns, or cells using the new "selection" parameter. This feature grants you greater precision in exporting data.

f) We have introduced additional callback parameters such as "eachCell", "eachCellHead", "eachRow", "eachRowHead", and "eachCol", which provide granular control over the export process. These callbacks enable you to update cell, row, column properties, styles and values dynamically during the data export.

g) Enjoy exporting static and conditional styles to HTML and PDF formats, ensuring that the visual presentation of your data is preserved accurately.

Bootstrap Icons Integration: We now offer seamless integration of Bootstrap icons, allowing you to replace jQueryUI icons effortlessly. Simply include the pq-icons/pq.css file, and there is no need for any other changes. This enhancement ensures a more modern and cohesive look for your application.

Hyperlink Support: We are excited to introduce support for hyperlinks, both through the user interface and the HYPERLINK formula. You can now import hyperlinks from spreadsheets into the ParamQuery grid and vice versa, enabling seamless navigation within your application.

Grouped Columns: In response to user feedback, we have introduced a new mode for displaying children columns in the bottom-most row of the header. This approach eliminates the rowspan merge, providing a more natural and visually appealing appearance. Additionally, this enhancement allows for convenient filtering of the header row in exported spreadsheets, improving usability.

Additional Configuration Options: We have added a third tab to the Header menu UI, offering enhanced configuration options. You can now easily configure the "skipExport" option for individual columns, granting you finer control over the export process.

Improved File Downloading: We have replaced the saveAs library with a new built-in method, pq.saveAs(). This update significantly enhances the file downloading functionality, ensuring a smoother and more reliable experience.

New Controls: Introducing two new controls to enrich your application. The pqColorPicker enables users to select colors seamlessly, while the pqBorder picker facilitates the selection of border style, thickness, and color. These controls enhance the visual customization capabilities of your application.

Enhancement of pqSelect Library: The pqSelect library has undergone significant improvements. It can now be initialized from a div element, providing more flexibility in integrating the library into your application. Additionally, options can be directly passed via the data parameter, simplifying the setup process.

Range Object API Enhancement:
We've enriched the Range object API with convenient methods for effortless data and style manipulation. The following new methods have been added:

Insert Rows: Easily add new rows above or below a specific range using a single method call.

Insert Columns: Insert new columns to the left or right of a specified range with simplicity.

Hide and Show Rows and Columns: Toggle the visibility of rows and columns within a range using a single method, making it straightforward to control their display.

Borders: Apply borders to a range of cells in a single method call, allowing for customization of various border styles.

Frozen panes: New Freeze Panes and Unfreeze Panes API.

Improved Context Menu:
Our context menu feature has been enhanced with greater flexibility:

Display with any Event: Trigger the context menu with any event, such as right-click, button click or double click, according to your preferences.

Show on Any Control: Associate the context menu with various controls beyond the grid itself, expanding its usage to buttons, input fields, and more.

To see an example demonstrating these enhancements, visit: Example Link:

These improvements offer more control and customization options for your context menus.

Lazy loading of scripts: On demand lazy loading of JavaScript files, using pq.getScripts method for fast initial loading of page and saving network bandwidth. This is useful for example when you are not sure if user is going to use export PDF functionality, so pdfmake js files can be loaded only when user clicks export to PDF.

PS: We highly recommend consulting the upgrade guide when transitioning from earlier versions to ensure a smooth upgrade process and leverage the full potential of the new features.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to providing you with an exceptional user experience with version v9.0.0 of our software.

Best Regards
The ParamQuery Team
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Re: Upgrade to Pro Version 9.0.0
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2023, 04:46:52 pm »
Can you send link to the step by step instructions for upgrading?


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Re: Upgrade to Pro Version 9.0.0
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2023, 11:05:02 pm »
Upgrade guide for v9 is here: