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Use another ParamGrid to select data


Is it possible to use another paramgrid to select data instead of a drop down. The drop down shows only one column. I want to build multi field sorting and searching functionality in the drop down which would be possible if the drop down itself were a pqgrid. Is it possible to achieve this through nesting?

Can one PQgrid be placed on top of another through code. It is possible to drag it on top of another using the draggable: true property. can one set the left, top properties of a PQ grid.

Is it possible to hide a PQ grid in which data is populated using the location: local method and then show it ("popup") just below the cell of another PQ grid if user clicks that cell in "Edit" mode. the data shown in the "Popup" pqgrid has no relation with the selected cell. however if user clicks on a row in the "PopUp" pqgrid, the data from one of the cells should be copied to the selected cell.

I am currently running the evaluation version and plan to purchase the pro version if the above mentioned things can be achieved.


I'm afraid to say these don't seem to be features but general customization requirements.

To check whether it would be able to meet your requirements, you should look for existence of click events and whether it's possible to get cell data in click event, etc.

How about give it a try and post problem faced if any.

Ok will do


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