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Pressing the 'All' checkboxs in Grids behavior when list is on paging


Sorry that I post here, I just could not create a new post.

I'm using paramquery 2.0.4
I have a question about checkbox selection.
I have list of files populated in the pqgrid on 4 pages, one of my columns use the built-in check box selection.
When I press "check all" checkbox it marks all entries in the table including those I cannot see (in other pages 2,3 and 4).

My expectation were that marking all will mark only the entries within the current page.
Is this solvable by configuration?
Because using remote paging will mark only the current page... I expect the same behavior in local, therefore I tend to believe that this is a wrong, maybe even a bug.


set the option selectionModel.cbAll to false

Thanks a lot,
I missed that one  ;D


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