jQuery spreadsheet has following Excel like features:

  1. It supports around 90 commonly used Excel formulas complemented by intellisense.
  2. Supports absolute and relative references to range of cells e.g., $A$2, $A$1:$D$5, $A:$C, A1:D5, A:A, 6:8, etc in formulas.
  3. Basic cell level formatting like text-align, wrap, background color, font-color, font size, font style, etc.
  4. Merged cells
  5. Import of Excel xlsx files with data, formulas, merged cells, basic styles & formatting, etc. Xlsx file can be imported from a remote location via url or from HTML5 file input control. Both ways of importing xlsx files are shown in this example.
  6. Programmatically manipulate any spreadsheet with familiar javascript API
  7. Export of data, formulas, merged cells, basic styles & formatting to Excel xlsx files.

Its purpose is to offer a practical and light weight web based spreadsheet tool; we would love to hear your feedback on this.