The below example demonstrates various hover and selection types and modes available in the grid.
There are 2 Hover modes : row and cell.
There are 2 Selection types: row and cell.
There are 3 selection modes. single, range and block.
When the mode is single, only a single cell or row can be selected at a time depending upon the type of selection.
When the mode is range or block, modifier keys (shift and control) can be used to select more than 1 row or cell. Shift key is used to select contiguous set of rows or cells. Control key is used to select and unselect rows or cells selectively.
Exercise: Find out the difference between range and block mode?
Hint: block mode works similar to range except when the type is cell and shift key is used.

Hover Mode Cell Row null
Selection Model Type: Cell Row null   Mode: Single Block