ParamQuery Grid Pro is the enhanced version of ParamQuery Grid and has been a tool of choice for professional enterprise applications for desktop, mobile and touch devices. It offers the finest coveted features of fastest jQuery grid, treegrid, pivot grid and spreadsheet and is built upon the principles of performance, superior UX and open standards. The following features of Pro are supplementary to the basic functionality of ParamQuery Grid.


Pro Features:

  • PDF ExportNew
  • Background loading of big dataNew
  • Tabs UI and Cross worksheet calculations New
  • Supports Angular(2+), React and Vue
  • Import from Excel (xlsx), Csv
  • Export to Excel (xlsx), Csv, Html, Json
  • Excel formula support
  • Copy paste to and from clipboard
  • Range / Row grouping with aggregates
  • Merged cells with unlimited rowspan and colspan
  • Tree grid with lazy loading, aggregates, etc
  • Drag and Drop between grid, treegrid, pivotgrid and custom components
  • Context menu on table body, header, pictures and tabs
  • Pivot grid with drag n drop toolPanel GUI
  • Typescript support
  • Animations
  • Multiple column sorting
  • Unlimited rows & columns with auto and fixed row heights
  • Frozen rows and columns like Excel
  • Hidden rows and columns
  • Filter API and header filter row
  • Printing
  • Checkbox columns and selections
  • Cell validations and warnings
  • Row editing, batch editing and auto save
  • Atomic transactions (commit and rollback)
  • Nesting of grids/sub grids
  • Detail of rows
  • Swipe support for desktop and touch devices
  • Fluid and responsive layouts
  • Bootstrap and custom themes
  • All major browsers Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari supported upto latest 2 major versions.
  • Server side examples in ASP.NET (MVC)/ MSSQL
  • Server side examples in PHP5/ MySQL
  • Server side examples in Java/ MySQL

Basic Features:

  • Local and remote paging, sorting and filtering
  • Multiple row and cell selections with full customization
  • Hiding or showing columns
  • Resizable columns and grid
  • Columns grouping
  • Summary of rows
  • CRUD (Create, read, update, delete)
  • Internationalization and localization
  • Display any data format like html, array, xml, json, etc sourced locally or remotely
  • Virtual and infinite scrolling for rows
  • Inline editing of cells
  • Custom cell rendering & editing
  • Theme roller ready with 24 ready to use themes
  • Full keyboard navigation

Thanks to open architecture based on easy to use RESTful API, ParamQuery has been implemented with all sorts of popular server side languages i.e., PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Java, Python, Cold Fusion, etc. Save time and resources by utilizing ready to use server side implementations in ASP.NET (MVC)/ MSSQL, PHP5/ MySQL and Java (Spring)/ MySQL provided in the demos backed by powerful support system.

Indulge the deserving users with eclectic features of the grid and write single code base that works across all platforms and devices i.e., desktop, mobile phones and tablets thanks to responsive design and touch support provided by ParamQuery for all features out of the box.

Theme Roller ready Bootstrap ready Download v9.1.1
Last Release Date: Dec 07, 2023
Dependencies: jQuery >= 2.x, jQueryUI >= 1.12.x

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