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I'm evaluating PQGrid Pro and everything is fine, except for a problem I found when I implemented the feature checkBoxes column. I follow de examples on de DEMO page to implement i:

var colModel = [
         title: "",
         dataIndx: "state",
         width: 30,
         minWidth: 30,
         align: "center",
         cls: 'ui-state-default',
         resizable: false,
         sortable: false,
         editable: false,
         cb: {
            all: true,
            header: true
         title: "Crew",
         width: 200,
         dataType: "string",
         dataIndx: "CrewName",
         editable: false,
         hidden: true
      },..... (etc, etc)

But the checkbox in the header is not appearing and an error message is thrown when I click on any checkbox in the grid:

Line: 367
Error: Unable to get property 'pqval' of undefined or null reference

Please let me know how can I fix it



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