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Help for ParamQuery Pro / Angular JS custom editor demo 404 error
« on: February 21, 2017, 12:10:01 am »
I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, but the example is getting error: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
pqgrid.min.js:138 Uncaught Error : Not Found

Looking forward to seeing this example in action.
Thank you

The grouping features added in 3.3 release are great.

The call out option menu that includes options for Merge cells, Fix columns, and Grand summary could be enhanced by including options to "Expand all" groups and also "Collapse all" groups.  I think they may work as check box options also in that once they are checked they trigger that behavior (in other words they always appear unchecked on the menu).

This may seem like a small enhancement, but when you have 4 levels of grouping or many groups, it is helpful.

Awesome thank you.  Wanted to make you aware that you have minDatE and maxDatA in the code - just something to be aware of with your variable names.

Also, I ended up implementing this after the grid gets defined so that I could show the initial values.

Code: [Select]
                var column = grid.getColumn({dataIndx: 2});
                var filter = column.filter;
                //get minimum and maximum dates in Order Date column.
                var arr = grid.option('').map(function(rd){
                    return rd[2];
                var minDate = pq.aggregate.min(arr, column),
                    maxDate = pq.aggregate.max(arr, column);
                //set default From date
                filter.value = minDate;
                filter.value2 = maxDate;

Thank you sir! :)

I can set the initial date range filter using value & value2.

Is it possible to set the initial date range filter values based on the min and max value of the associated dataIndx/column values?  I don't necessarily need to apply the filter because it is inclusive of all results (already), but I just want to make it convenient for user to see the range of values and to initialize the pqdatePicker.

I've tried to initialize with getData like I would a pqSelect, but not sure how to get a min/max value on that subset.

With this in mind, this may be consideration for adding helper methods like getColMinValue/getColMaxValue(dataIndx).

Suggest new features / Classic Office template
« on: December 12, 2016, 09:27:24 pm »
Please consider bringing back the "Office" theme in v3.2 as "Classic" (just a suggestion on the name) in future 3.3 versions.

Suggest new features / Automatically generate create record form
« on: September 29, 2016, 10:17:25 pm »
Check out or (Add New Record buttom).

JTable dynamically generates a form (with some validation and modal pop-up) from from their column model for creating a new record.

Whats the difference between this and just entering a new record into a table?  One scenario is there may be fields in the colModel that are not visible by default, but need a required value.  JTable demonstrate this in their demo.  Another, for mobile device this is easier data entry.  And, its easier to tab through fields for fast data entry.

Also, you could improve this model by extending the pqGrid colModel to include an optional "tip" property.  This would allow you to include a help tip for how the field/value is used within this data entry form.  The use/case for that would be more of a CRUD model to support db table maintenance.   You could also display the tip in the grid header row - but I think the tip should not be limited in length to support this use/case.;).

Just something to consider - thanks

I have a grid with column groups like:

I also have a toolbar with widget to hide/unhide columns like:

It seems that if I unhide a column that is default hidden (default hidden: true in column), the column will show but the column grouping doesn't reflect column model for the grouped column. 
Is there anyway to refresh the columnModel or header.

I tried refereshHeader on the show/hide column change listener.

Help for ParamQuery Pro / colModel "tag" property
« on: February 12, 2016, 08:06:49 pm »
This is just a suggestion: it would be nice to have a "tag" property on the colModel (or something like it).  This would be a property that could contain any value and would allow the developer to classify columns in the colModel.

For example, you may want a standard view and extended view(s).  You could tag your View columns for each and hide the extended view by default and also hide them from the drop down column select (in the case of show/hide) demo.  Developer could setup postData to render request full or partial view and colModel could adapt appropriately. 

I know there are ways around this, but it just idea for future enhancement.

Help for ParamQuery Pro / Re: tooltip property for detailModel
« on: February 10, 2016, 09:41:28 pm »
Very good - thank you!

Help for ParamQuery Pro / tooltip property for detailModel
« on: February 10, 2016, 12:01:36 am »
This is just a suggestion for future perhaps.

I followed topic Hide detailModel if it's empty

This works perfectly for my use case.

It would be great to be able to set a tool tip on the detail column like to setting the icons.
You would only want to show the tip if the detail was collapsed.

For example "Expand to show order details"

Help for ParamQuery Pro / colModel of detailModel
« on: February 09, 2016, 11:53:30 pm »
Is is possible to change the column model of detailModel (for new detailModel views). 

My (nested) detailModel's colModel is the same as my main grid colModel (one column model definition used for both).  I would like to show/hide my detailModel colModel based on columns show/hidden in the main grid.

On the toolbar show/hide column change listener, I have:
   }, listener: { 'change': function (evt) {
        //get the detailModel
        var detailModel = $grid.pqGrid( "option", "detailModel" );
        //get the colModel of my detailModel
        var detailModelcolModel = detailModel( "option", "colModel" );

Perfect - thank you!  :)

In the API doc (V3), dataIndx should be data > condition

I following you, but struggling with the examples. 

I've tried to replace the filter and then call flex method.  I have array/TEXT data and columns defined like this:

            { title: "Group Type", dataType: "string", dataIndx: 0,
                filter: {
                    type: 'select',
                    condition: 'equal',
                    value: 'Total',
                    valueIndx: 0,
                    labelIndx: 0,
                    on: true,
                    prepend: { '': ' Select' },
                    listeners: ['change']
            { title: "Group Value", dataType: "string", dataIndx: 1,
                filter: {
                    type: 'select',
                    condition: 'equal',
                    value: 'Total',
                    valueIndx: 1,
                    labelIndx: 1,
                    groupIndx: 0,
                    on: true,
                    prepend: { '': ' Select' },
                    listeners: [{ 'change': function (evt, ui) {
                        $( ".selector" ).pqGrid('filter', {
                            oper: 'replace', data: [{ dataIndx: 0, condition: 'equal', value: null }]
                        $( ".selector" ).pqGrid( "flex", {
                            dataIndx: [ 0, 1 ]
                        } );

Am I on the right path here? - appreciate the help.

I have a (working) grid with multiple select type column filters. The filtermodel mode is AND.

Is it possible to override the active change listener to clear the filter values on the other (non-active) filters?

Here is a suggestion: have another filterModel mode of 'CLEAR' or 'RESET' (something like this) that would clear out the other filters prior to applying the active filter.

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