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I'm planning to use a pqSelect element together with other native html select elements and would like the user experience regarding TAB key to be the same for pqSelect as for a native html select.

My humble whish is therefore if you could implement TAB key in pqSelect to select current option, close drop down and tabulate to next element (the same as a native html select does)?



I'm new to pqSelect.

I can't get keyboard navigation (up/down) to work when using search: false
Attached is image from the example on your site, I have added ", search: false"

This code on your own site will reproduce the problem (I have added ", search false") ...
//initialize the pqSelect widget.
    singlePlaceholder: 'Select Country',   
    radio: true //adds radio buttons
/* the problem */ , search: false // Keyboard navigation not working   
}).on("change", function(evt){
    var val = $(this).val();
        .text("Selected option: "+val);
}).pqSelect( 'open' );

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