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Thanks for the reply.  I understand how the filter and sort data are JSON.stringify'd and added to the end of dataModel.url.

What I'm asking is: is there some API (or similarly supported/good) method for retrieving what that full URL will be (including the filter and sort data attached) for the given grid state (filter and sort columns).  Or, alternatively (and slightly less desirable): is there a way to retrieve what the *last* URL [with full pq_filter/_sort data] was?

What I'd really like is just the JSON.stringify'd pq_filter and pq_sort values (since I'll probably be using an alternate URL to do the Excel exports), but if I just get the entire dataModel.url + JSON.stringify(pq_filter) + JSON.stringify(pq_sort), that'd be good enough.

So is there any such method, or can you point me in the right direction to cobble something together like that myself?

Hi, I'd like to implement an Excel export for the data in my grid that uses a remote data model including remote paging and filtering.

I don't want to have to pull all the data to the browser first and then render the Excel on the client side.

I've got a backend that will handle this for me, but I need to come up with the best method of getting the URL that pqGrid will use given the current filter and sorting state (minus the paging, since the Excel export will export *all* content, not just the current page) to pass to this Excel-generating backend.

I've tried to look for events etc. that might help with this and am coming up empty.  I of course case see in the console what URLs pqGrid uses when making the remote data calls, but is there some built in simple way for me to intercept that or predict what URL will be used?


Hi, I'm trying to use a pqselect inside a pqgrid to take some input, as is shown in multiple examples.

I was surprised to see that in my project, as soon as I have a pqselect anywhere in a (Bootstrap 4) modal window, the filter input field doesn't work.

It does work on the same page when at the root level of the page (not inside a Bootstrap modal).

It's almost as if it's disabled, no keypresses function, there's no cursor in the input, when I inspect it in the dev tools, it all looks normal, it's not disabled or anything, but that's what's happening.  But I can use the mouse functions on the popup, scroll down and click on an option and have it behave normally at that point.  There's just something wrong w/ the input field and/or the keypress (keyup or down) events attached to the control, I guess.

I tried building a jsfiddle for this to show the problem, but when I start from that point, it works fine, so there's some weird complexity about my project that's causing the issue.

I'm using pqgrid, pqselect, Bootstrap 4, jQuery, jQuery UI, and also Vue.js for part of the project, but it's not wrapped on these modals that are causing the problem, so I think it's unlikely the Vue is interfering.

I know this isn't much to go on, but was just wondering if the author or anyone else has run into strange behavior like this or could point me in a useful direction for further troubleshooting?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Another solution is to use Object.assign:

Code: [Select]
var new_data = Object.assign({},;

Since Bootstrap 4 discontinued use of glyphicon, at least parts of how pqgrid integrates with bootstrap seem to not work.

Are you planning on adding support for Bootstrap 4?

I'd like to get a consistent look and feel by being able to define my own icons for the ones used inside the grid so they match what I'm using outside of the grid on other pages.

I've tried combinations of turning the 'bootstrap' grid option on and off (though version 5.x API doc says it's deprecated), and also using the pqgrid bootstrap theme, nothing seems to quite solve the issue for me.

I'd appreciate feedback.  Thanks.

Actually, I should mention that the same is true at least of sort, if 'sort: true' in a reset, sortModel.sorter (if set) seems to be cleared.

I think we should have options to do this one way or the other (or if it's only going to be just one way, it should not be the way it is, rather the original conditions should be restored).

Hi, I'm trying to use the reset method to clear filters that the user has changed, but I don't want PQ to just "null" all of the filters.

I have also defined a preliminary value on one filter like this, in the col's filter array:

Code: [Select]
on: true,
value: ['Open']

but when I use reset:

Code: [Select]
reset({filter: true})

that value is ignored, and that column is not filtered.

Is there a workaround?  I'd argue that based on the spec for reset:

Resets the grid to its initial state w.r.t sorting, filtering and grouping...

it should by default work the way I'm suggesting, because this *is* the "initial state" of my grid.


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