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News / Re: Upgrade to Pro Version 3.3.0
« on: June 23, 2016, 07:31:41 pm »

I would like to renew for the latest version.

Please let me know the process to proceed.


News / Re: Upgrade to Pro Version 3.3.1
« on: June 22, 2016, 07:38:45 pm »
I would like to upgrade to the new version. Can you please provide me help in how to renew the license? The last i renewed was in 2014.


That worked thank you very much. Was so simple may be i should have figured out myself :).

Master Grid with Detail grid and columnTemplate on Master Grid destroys Expand button .

When i inspect the arrow element this is what i see <td class="pq-grid-cell pq-cell-select ui-state-highlight" pq-col-indx="0" tabindex="0">[object Object]</td>

I am suppose to see <div class="ui-icon ui-icon-triangle-1-e"></div> in the place of [object Object].

This started happening once i set the columnTemplate: { render: commentRender }, in Master Grid Object.

Please see the attached screen shot for more in detail.

That worked. The button has to be initialized as well in the grid pqgridrefresh event.

Thanks for the help

I don't need the delete button as we are not doing any deletions on the records. The user can only for do update on the record.

Yes i did . And so the update button shows up atleast once i click the Edit

render: function (ui)
                     return "<button type='button' class='edit_btn'>Edit</button>";

Attached the picture.

length is 0 and it says undefined


I am following the pro demo for in line editing.

i have the below code for editrow

 function editRow(rowIndx, $gridMain)
                $gridMain.pqGrid("addClass", { rowIndx: rowIndx, cls: 'pq-row-edit' });
                $gridMain.pqGrid("editFirstCellInRow", { rowIndx: rowIndx });

                //change edit button to update button and delete to cancel.
                var $tr = $gridMain.pqGrid("getRow", { rowIndx: rowIndx }),
                    $btn = $tr.find("button.edit_btn");
                $btn.button("option", { label: "Update", "icons": { primary: "ui-icon-check" } })
                    .click(function (evt)
                        return update(rowIndx, $gridMain);

                $"option", { label: "Cancel", "icons": { primary: "ui-icon-cancel" } })
                .click(function (evt)
                        .pqGrid("removeClass", { rowIndx: rowIndx, cls: 'pq-row-edit' })


for some reason I can only Update button and not the cancel button in the row.
can you guide if i am missing something here.

Bug Report / Re: Detail grid with tabs and first tab doesn't expand
« on: January 13, 2015, 08:24:03 pm »
Thank you

Looks like the fix doesn't work on Local data.
My inner grid dataModel location is local.

Any update on inner grid Records per page dropdown on Firefox bug

Please see the attachment for more details.

Bug Report / Detail grid with tabs and first tab doesn't expand
« on: December 20, 2014, 02:06:52 am »
Detail Grid with tabs and the first tab doesn't expand on expanding the arrow to expand. It expands when revisiting first tab after visiting another tab.

I have the code

 $detail.find(".pq-tabs").tabs().on("tabsactivate", function (evt, ui)
                        if ("#contacts")) {
                        if ("#holdings")) {
                        if ("#comments")) {
                        if ("#documents")) {

but contactsGrid doesn't expand when hit the arrow to expand .

Hi Param,

I have a Grid which has a grid detail in it . The inner grid has Records per page drop down and it doesn't work in Firefox. The drop down is frozen and doesn't allow the user to select number of records per page to change. I can only use Next page buttons to traverse.

Let me know your thougths.

Bug Report / Re: grid with Selection Mode Single has check box
« on: December 20, 2014, 01:59:12 am »
Thank you very much that solved my problem.

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