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Thanks for the info, the only part of this I can't do is the validation of the select options.

So for example in this example:

You can copy and paste countries over the top of cells in the shipping region column (making those values not one of the options) - is there a way to stop this?

I have this ParamQuery grid setup here:

But I need some help with the following:

1. How can I make the options available for the filter select be dynamic from the content in the column?
2. Is there a way to stop copy and paste of values which are not in the select? For example if you copy the 1,2,3 from the first column you can paste that over the top of the country column data - but that data should only be test1, test3 or test5 as it's a select field. I don't want to remove the copy paste function completely just don't want users to enter incorrect data.
3. I can use
Code: [Select]
$grid.pqGrid('option', ''); to get all the data, but is there a way to get row data for any rows that have had their cells edited - and not all data. If saving to database doesn't seem right to save everything when only a few changes have been made.
4. It's difficult to understand which parts of the plugin are the standard GPL version and which are pro - are any of the features I am using here pro? If I don't have the pro version are these not included in the demo files so everything I am using isn't pro?

I have the following code which gets the data.

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data = JSON.stringify(;
console.log( data );

However this is in the order originally placed in the object, if I sort a column the data is in a different order, is there a way to get the data in the order set?

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