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That what i did i pass sort parameter on url  (DS_General_Queue.svc/General_Queue?filter=ldmnd_stat_id eq 0&$format=json&$orderby=bpart_id asc&$top=100)
and that a reason why i use GetUrl instead url because i have dynamic paramters on this url 


on dataModel i use getUrl function and sorting done on server side by some default dataIndx ,
and i want on create grid show sort indicator on this column header

on this example
when i change Url to getUrl i see same issue

where is some way how can i set sort indicator after create page in this case ?

ParamQuery Pro Evaluation Support / Re: Download SDK
« on: April 07, 2019, 02:56:55 pm »
Hello Team,

I purchased last week the pro version and registered today here in the forum, there is no "Pro Downloads" menu option for me. what can i do?

Thank you,
Vladimir, Astea

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