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when i tried to add a new row to batch editing grid with a string columns as its primary key, devTools shows me , there will be duplicate entry in both addList and updateList.

when i tried to update a column in exist row , devTools(F12) shows me just working updateList.

when i press the add New Product button and then typing contents in columns and press. After i press Save Changes button

there is {updateList: Array(1), addList: Array(1), deleteList: Array(0), oldList: Array(1)}

when i see both lists, they have same contents

here is insert my code i've used

please help me :p
thank you!

Code: [Select]
<div id="grid_editing" style="margin: auto;">
$(function () {
     //called when save changes button is clicked.
     function saveChanges() {
         var grid = this;

         //attempt to save editing cell.
         if (grid.saveEditCell() === false) {
             return false;
         if (grid.isDirty() && grid.isValidChange({ focusInvalid: true }).valid) {
             var gridChanges = grid.getChanges({ format: 'byVal' });
                 //post changes to server
                 dataType: "json",
                 type: "POST",
                 async: true,
                 beforeSend: function (jqXHR, settings) {
                 url: "/pqgrid/batch",
                 data: {
db_name: "sudo",   
list: JSON.stringify(gridChanges)
                 success: function (changes) {
                     grid.commit({ type: 'add', rows: changes.addList });
                     grid.commit({ type: 'update', rows: changes.updateList });
                     grid.commit({ type: 'delete', rows: changes.deleteList });

                     grid.history({ method: 'reset' });
                 complete: function () {
                var obj = {
                    hwrap: false,
                    resizable: true,
                    freezeCols: 2,
                    trackModel: { on: true }, //to turn on the track changes.           
                    toolbar: {
                    items: [
                          type: 'button', icon: 'ui-icon-plus', label: 'New', listener: function (){
                          var rowData = {};
                          var rowIndx = this.addRow({ rowData: rowData, checkEditable: true});
                          this.goToPage({ rowIndx: rowIndx });
                          this.editFirstCellInRow({ rowIndx: rowIndx });
                 { type: 'separator' },
                     type: 'button', icon: 'ui-icon-disk', label: 'Save Changes', cls: 'changes', listener: saveChanges,
                     options: { disabled: true }

                     type: 'button', icon: 'ui-icon-cancel', label: 'Reject Changes', cls: 'changes', listener: function(){
                         this.history({ method: 'resetUndo' });
                     options: { disabled: true }
                     type: 'button', icon: 'ui-icon-cart', label: 'Get Changes', cls: 'changes', listener: function(){
           var changes = this.getChanges({ format: 'byVal' });
                         if (console && console.log) {
                         alert("Please see the log of changes in your browser console.");
                     options: { disabled: true }
                 { type: 'separator' },
                     type: 'button', icon: 'ui-icon-arrowreturn-1-s', label: 'Undo', cls: 'changes', listener: function(){
          this.history({ method: 'undo' });
                     options: { disabled: true }
                     type: 'button', icon: 'ui-icon-arrowrefresh-1-s', label: 'Redo', listener: function(){
            this.history({ method: 'redo' });
                     options: { disabled: true }



         postRenderInterval: -1, //call postRender synchronously.
         pageModel: {
format: "#,###",
type: "remote",
rPP: 1000

  create: function () {
         dataModel: {
                         location: "remote",
                   recIndx: "app_code",
                 url: "/pqgrid/paging?db_name=sudo",
        getData: function(response){
return{curPage: response.curPage, totalRecords:response.totalRecords, data:}

Hi, Is there a way to change the mouse cursor style for certain cell?

Thank you.

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