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Bug Report / How to apply same filter in common columns in all tabs
« on: April 03, 2024, 10:26:23 am »
Hi Param,

can you please guide us on how to apply filters in all tab's common columns?
how to set an existing applied filter in other tabs?

we have a single table in the database and we have categorized each column into tabs, so our requirement is if we apply a filter in 1st tab the same filter should applied to all other tabs and render filtered data in a current activated tab,

we used the "tabActivate"  event to refresh tab data, but it fired multiple times like. when I click the 1st tab the tab activate Event will fire, if I click on the 2nd tab then the "tabactivate" event will fire 2 times, click on the 3rd tab means "tabActivate" fire 3 times.

we are using React, remote Paging, and remote filter as well.

I have attached 2 files for details.


I have used nested grid to show details on my page.

When I update data in parent row and nested grid, both - data for parent row and child grid -  is updated successfully.
But when only data in child grid (detail model) is updated, it is marking it dirty, still data is not saved - may be because there's no change in parent row.

How can I get this working in all scenarios?

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