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ParamQuery Pro Evaluation Support / Re: Crud Functions on same page
« on: June 22, 2014, 01:05:53 pm »
Here is another link using knockout

My scenario is that e.g i have a dropdown containing list of students .

Below the drop down there is create form for creating new students. On drop down change ... Create form is filled with data filled in dropdown and create form is changed to edit form.. doing this in mvc razor.

ParamQuery Pro Evaluation Support / Crud Functions on same page
« on: June 21, 2014, 11:42:28 am »
how we can achieve Crud operations on same page specially using same form for create and edit.

here is one example. They are using dataTable

I am not sure you have resolved or not but is an example

got working

Thanks. I am able to get rowIndex but unable to get and row data or id e.g

 rowSelect: function (evt, obj) {
            var orderID =[obj.rowIndxPage][2];

i tried with
  • or [1] or by entering colm attribute name

Hi gurus,

I am working on a situation in which i need a separate grid on selection of row of first grid on the same page...e.g there is a grid of classes of a college. when somone click on a specific class .. all of its students should appear on a separate grid.. So directions needed that how i can achieve with paramquery server side .


Yes. It worked.. great thanks

Thanks for this... I have simple MVC 5 app created with VS2013

Seems issue is bit different that my controller function is not called, so firstly i check with simple jquery ajax call

 $(function () {
                type: "GET",
                url: "/Home/TestAjaxcall",
                success: function (result) {
                error: function (req, status, error) {
                    alert("Coudn't load partial view");

and here is my controler function

 public ActionResult TestAjaxcall()

            int test;
            test = 56;
            return Content("This is poorly formatted text.", "text/text");

i have inserted the break point that on test =56; for testing that weather function executes or not.. and it is fine and displaying the string on web page.

But when i change the script as

            $(function () {
           var colM = [
           { title: "Order ID", width: 100, dataIndx: "OrderID" },
           { title: "Customer Name", width: 130, dataIndx: "CustomerName" },
           { title: "Product Name", width: 190, dataIndx: "ProductName" },
           { title: "Unit Price", width: 100, dataIndx: "UnitPrice", align: "right" },
           { title: "Quantity", width: 100, dataIndx: "Quantity", align: "right" },
           { title: "Order Date", width: 100, dataIndx: "OrderDate" },
           { title: "Required Date", width: 100, dataIndx: "RequiredDate" },
           { title: "Shipped Date", width: 100, dataIndx: "ShippedDate" },
           { title: "ShipCountry", width: 100, dataIndx: "ShipCountry" },
           { title: "Freight", width: 100, align: "right", dataIndx: "Freight" },
           { title: "Shipping Name", width: 120, dataIndx: "ShipName" },
           { title: "Shipping Address", width: 180, dataIndx: "ShipAddress" },
           { title: "Shipping City", width: 100, dataIndx: "ShipCity" },
           { title: "Shipping Region", width: 110, dataIndx: "ShipRegion" },
           { title: "Shipping Postal Code", width: 130, dataIndx: "ShipPostalCode" }
                var dataModel = {
                    location: "remote",
                    dataType: "JSON",
                    method: "GET",
                    url: "/Home/TestAjaxcall",
                    getData: function (dataJSON) {
                        return { curPage: dataJSON.curPage, totalRecords: dataJSON.totalRecords, data: };

                    width: 900, height: 400,
                    dataModel: dataModel,
                    colModel: colM,
                    freezeCols: 2,
                    pageModel: { type: "remote", rPP: 20, strRpp: "{0}" },
                    sortable: false,
                    wrap: false, hwrap: false,
                    numberCell: { resizable: true, width: 30, title: "#" },
                    title: "Shipping Orders",
                    resizable: true


application not stopping on break point but runs and show just column names (as i am not displaying anything in data..)

Ok thanks. Still struggling with it....It is not necessary to make full sample .. you can just write view section javascript with posting data with POST or Get and just return string from controller .....If you donot have much time

Thanks. I have downloaded it .. and trying to start with this. I compared it with other solutions like datatable, jqgrid....

Funcationality wise it is awesome but not getting its much help.. better if you made some samples for server side usage...So that it can be more popular. Is there any sample for MVC pattern too

I am new to Paramquery and want to integrate Remote Crud in MVC ....Can you please upload the sample again so that i can go with it

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