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Thanks for the response. It is working on Paging, However its not working for infinite scrolling Server side grid.

Can you please look into ?


Batch editing works with local paging or when no paging is used.
In case of remote paging, please refer to this example: Single row editing wherein only one record is added, updated and deleted in a single transaction.

We are using pageModel: { type: "remote", rPP: 20, strRpp: "{0}" },. Can you please allow batch editing on Remote Type page model ? Because we dont want to click on every time on each Row to Edit. And it will be time consuming and impact on productivity. Please suggest your expert advise on it.


Everything was working fine if we integrate Grid with Client Side. Once we have implemented for Sever side. It has stopped returning Modified data on save changes button. It always returns blank. Can you please provide us parameters which to be present to get modify changes on Server side paging Grid or please advise what we are missing ?

Note : We have tried both infinite scroll and Pagination.

 Please find attached Angular Component.

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