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The pqselect css file is included. For all my data is come from server side and I don't know how to show them in the jsfiddle.
If using a fixed integer to replace the htFinal(just like what I do in the last image I uploaded), the select editor can work though it not satisfied for me.
If it's convenient you can look it wiht remote control software.

Using to debug it, it seems that could not be found, that.$selectAll.outerHeight(true) also has no value.

it seems that div.pq-select-menu couldn't be rendered, even it is rendered, there is problem for its height.

It seems that vertical scrollbar in select editor disappeared.

partial functional

this is functional case

Here are three screen shot for fuctional, partially fucntional and malfunction cases.

Bug Report / Too many item in select, make select editor out of function
« on: October 27, 2022, 01:32:45 pm »
If there are 5 or 10 items in select, pqgrid runs well, if there are 40 items or more in select editor, the select couldn't dropdow.
I'm using this way to bind data:
                    options: [
                        { "SE": "Speedy Express" },
                        { "UP": "United Package" },
                        { "FS": "Federal Shipping" }
Here is part of my code:
        var arrSelect = new Array(["/admin/codegen/tablesAutocomplete?datasource=main", 'mainTableName','name','name' ]
                                ,["/admin/permission/dataAll", 'permissionId' ,'id','title']
                                ,["/admin/permission/options", 'pid' ,'id','title']
        var obj = {
            height: 300,
            stripeRows: false,
            create: function (evt, ui) {
                    var grid = this,column;
                    $.ajaxSettings.async = false
                            $.getJSON(item[0], function (response) {
                                    column = grid.getColumn({ dataIndx: item[1] });
                                    var a = new Array();
                                    var remoteData=(;
                                    if(remoteData==undefined ||remoteData== null) return;
                                    for(let j=0,len=remoteData.length;j<len;j++){
                                            var myObj={};
                                            myObj[remoteData[j][item[2]]]= remoteData[j][item[3]];
                                    column.cls='pq-drop-icon pq-side-icon';
                                            type: 'select',
                                            options: a,
                                            init: function (ui) {
                                                    setTimeout(function () {
                                    column.render=function (ui) {
                                            var option = ui.column.editor.options.find(function (obj) {
                                                    return (obj[ui.cellData] != null);
                                            return option ? option[ui.cellData] : "";

                    $.ajaxSettings.async = true;


When I debug it, I find datasoure of select editor is OK, but they couldn't be show in browser. The reason is that too many items make select editor  too long and out of the interface.  But I couldn't find the solution.

When the name of a product is changed, in old sales order the old name should be expected to show but in the  new created order the new name is expected to show. If formula is used, the old sales order will show the new name, even old name is recorded in the table of sales order lines in database. If there is a solution for this condition?  Is there afterchanged and afterupdated for pqgrid cells?

Should we put these js into another js file and import it?

Suggest new features / Re: Default value in colModel
« on: June 29, 2022, 08:14:51 am »
Million thanks!

Suggest new features / Re: Default value in colModel
« on: June 28, 2022, 08:51:56 am »
Dear Daramvir:
This code is too complicate, it will be better if pqgrid can add default value property in colModel.

var colModel= [
         {title: "ID", dataIndx: "id", width: 200,dataType: "string",  editable: false },
         {title: "Country", dataIndx: "Country",width: 260, dataType: "string",defaultValue:"USA"},
         {title: "City", dataIndx: "City",width: 260, dataType: "string",defaultValue:"New York"}

Long and complicate java-like code really frustrates me, json-like concise code can really save coding time and reduce debug time.

Suggest new features / Re: Default value in colModel
« on: June 21, 2022, 01:16:32 pm »
Dear Daramvir:
If this function has been provided in new version?

It will be better if pqGrid can make it a build-in function, I'm surprised for having to do it manully.

Help for ParamQuery Pro / Readonly grid
« on: May 17, 2022, 08:28:39 am »
Would you like to show me how to make pqgrid a readonly spreadsheet conveniencely?
Now I have to set editable property as false one col by one col.

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