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Blank lines in pivot table make bad custumer experience, can they be hide?

Suggest new features / Re: upload image in cell
« on: March 19, 2023, 08:10:56 pm »
waiting for the good news.

Suggest new features / upload image in cell
« on: March 16, 2023, 07:04:03 am »
Would PQGrid support upload image in cell?
This will make pqgird more useful.
If this function is already available, let me know.

When using fomula to input product code in column A and autumatically show product name in column B in sales order, somedays later, the name of a product is changed( in master data), in old sales order the old name should be expected to be show but in the  new created order the new name is expected to be shown. If formula is used, the old sales order will show the new name, even old name is recorded in the table of sales order lines in database. If there is a solution for this condition? 

In some case the price of product always changes, if using formula get price in database, it'll make trouble too, especially when there is redundance design in database table structure.
The price in interface will be different with price in database.
Any advice?

Wheng using following code to set default value for pqgrid column, there is a "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot redefine property: id"  problem.
The code comes from
            rowTemplate: {},
            complete: function(){
                let rt = this.option('rowTemplate'), cm = this.getColModel();
                    let def = col.defaultValue, di = col.dataIndx;
                    if( def !== undefined ){
                        Object.defineProperty(rt, di, {
                            enumerable: true,
                                var val = this[ "_" + di];
                                return val == null? def: val;;
                                this[ "_" + di ] = val;

It's realy a pity to make so much trouble to spot it as a bug.

7   has less 404 error, maybe it's more friendly for debug.

All  code are uploaded into, would you like to try it?

Would you like to let me know which file is alerted for virus? I'm using visual studio 2019 to make the simplest project. I'll try my best to find a living demo website.

Dear paramvir,
Have you find  any solution for my question?

Now only pqgrid.min.js(ParamQuery Pro v8.6.0) is not uploaded, I'm sure you have this file.

I upload jqueryui many times but always failed. PQgrid is too big to be uploaded.

here are jquery

Even I tried, but I found that the file is too big.  I have to removed some file. You have to put jquery.min.js(jQuery v3.3.1),jquery-ui.min.js(jQuery UI - v1.12.1 - 2016-09-14),pqgrid.min.js(ParamQuery Pro v8.6.0) manually into the BDMS_files directory.

For I'm in China, it seems I couldn't visit the jsfiddle website.
After redebuging, I found that "that.$popup.find(".pq-select-search-div").outerHeight(true)" is OK, but "that.$selectAll.outerHeight(true)" is undefined.
   "that.$selectAll" is available.

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