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My object does not have a setting for the selection box to appear in the summary area

Also I don't know how to use SummaryTitle. I couldn't do it.

I'm trying other options for aggregation (Custom summary), but the summary field gets corrupted when I group the columns.

MycolModel: [

           // This field is actually an integer field, consisting of 1 and 0. I turned the integer field into a selection box.

            title: "İstisnalı",
            dataIndx: "ISTISNA_FATURA", dataType: "integer", align: "center",
            width: 70,
             editor: false,
             editable: false,
                     type: 'checkbox',
                       cb: {
                                        all: false,
                                        header: true,
                                        check: 1,
                                        uncheck: 0
                             render: function (ui) {
                                 var cb = ui.column.cb,
                                       cellData = ui.cellData,
                                       checked = cb.check === cellData ? 'checked' : '',
                                       disabled = this.isEditableCell(ui) ? "" : "disabled",
                                       text = cb.check === cellData ? '1' : (cb.uncheck === cellData ? '0' : '<i>bilinmez</i>');
                                    return {
                                                text: "<label><input type='checkbox' " + checked + " /></label>",
                      These are the columns I calculated total
                                    title: "Ft Genel Toplam", dataIndx: "FT_GENEL_TOPLAM", dataType: "float", format: '##,###.00',
                                    summary: {
                                        type: "sum"
                                    title: "Tevkifatlı KDV Toplam", dataIndx: "TEVKIFATLI_KDV_TOPLAMI", dataType: "float", format: '##,###.00',
                                    summary: { type: "sum" },

var obj_my_grid = {
showTitle: false,
editable: false,
resizable: true,
//This is the only place in the object related to the total
groupModel:  {
                            on: true,
                            dataIndx: [],
                            collapsed: [true, true],
                            merge: false, 
                            showSummary: [true, false],
                            grandSummary: true, 
var grid_invoice_List=  pq.grid("#grid_filter", obj_my_grid);

If you want to configure sum text in summary row for all columns, then use summaryTitle option

If you want to do it for only one / few columns but not all, then use column.render for that column.

Code: [Select]
column.render = function(ui){
  return ui.formatVal;

checkbox is not added in the summary row by default, please share your definition of checkbox column and summary rows.
i want this selected cell values on double click event in cellDblClick function, with given method when in double click after selecting multiple cell it gets unselected.
I am using the AutoSum function. but at the bottom there is the word "sum" in the grandSummary field. Can we change this "Toplamlar" expression?

There is also a checkbox in the grandsummary field that shouldn't be there.

Please review the attached image.
No you don't have to create a new object every time to call API.

Please correct this

Code: [Select];


Code: [Select]


Why do we have to create a different object each time? Can't we use the grid object we first created? Can't we add new data and refresh the view?
How will this happen for a popUp grid that opens multiple times, many times, from different methods?

Please review the project below.

My Project Angular js file:

(function ()
        .module("Keyiflice", [])
        .controller("FaturalarController", ['$scope', '$http', '$cookies', '$filter', '$window', '
            function ($scope, $http, $cookies, $filter, $window) {

          var vm = this;

          var pg_gridobj = {
                        width: "auto",
                        height: 200,           
                        scrollModel: { autoFit: true },
                        menuIcon: true,
                        strNoRows: 'Kayıt Bulunamadı',
                        location: 'local',
                        editable: false,
                        title: "Faturalar",
                        scrollModel: { autoFit: true },
                        selectionModel: { type: 'row', mode: 'block' },

                        colModel: [ { title: "İşlTipi", dataIndx: "ISLEM_TIPI"}] ,

                        //calculate summary upon these 2 events.
                        dataReady: calculateSummary,
                        change: calculateSummary,
                        summaryData: calculateSummary,
                        dataModel: { data:[] }                    // At the beginning, I open the grid data empty.

             var gridfatura_1 = pq.grid("#grid_array", pg_gridobj );  // <   While the page is loading, initially, I created a grid object here

             // My other function in the project


                  gridfatura_1.refreshDataAndView();           // <   Even though it is the grid I created at the beginning, the code does not give an error, but the data is not visible. not refresh

                 // but below code works and data is seen in grid

                  var gridfatura_2=$("#grid_array");



               var gridfatura_3 ... < Will we always create another object?         


               var gridfatura_3 ??? < Will we always create another object?             

Thank you paramvir,

"All the API of grid can be called from outside by replacing "this" by grid, where grid is js instance of grid."   >>  This information is very valuable to me
1) All the API of grid can be called from outside by replacing "this" by grid, where grid is js instance of grid.

Code: [Select]
var checked = grid.Checkbox('idnote').getCheckedNodes().map(rd => rd.idnote );

2) Checkboxes can be cleared with unCheckAll and unCheckNodes methods of Checkbox object.
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Same logic applies to summary cells. Please share a jsfiddle if facing issues.
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same logic applies to the cells in the summary rows.

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