Author Topic: Copy & Paste non-consecutive columns does not work, pastes colums below each oth  (Read 1917 times)


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I am a user of an application which uses PQgrid pro (our developer is registered with you, I can provide details by email if required).
I noticed a bug in PQgrid which is also reproducible on the main home page demo of PQgrid pro:

1. Create five new rows
2. Select five product names and the corresponding Units in Stock. (with Ctrl-click) Important: Do not select the column in between
4. Go to the first inserted "Product Name" cell

Result: Units in stock are inserted below the five products, i.e. we get 10 new rows.
Expected: Units in stock should be inserted beside the products in the Units column
     Also, inserting should work without having to explicitly create the five rows beforehand (but this might be a feature request, not a bug).

Can you reproduce this?

Thank you!