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Upgrade to Pro Version 5.2.0
« on: July 22, 2018, 11:26:44 pm »
Dear all

We are glad to announce release of v5.2.0 with following enhancements:


1. Support for multiple filter conditions per column has been added in the API. Previous versions are limited to one filter condition per column.
2. Support to dynamically change filter condition via drop down menu GUI in header cells.
3. Filter conditions hitherto applicable to string data types only like contain, begin, end, etc. can now be used for numbers and date data types and vice versa.
4. Inbuilt cascade filtering.
5. Auto fill of options for range filter condition.

Show / hide columns:
1. Support to show hide plain as well as grouped columns via inbuilt drop down menu in header cells.

Checkbox columns:

1. Checkbox object has been added in the API to manipulate checkbox columns in a better way then previous versions.
2. New alternative way of defining checkbox columns has been introduced whereby checkboxes can be added in already existing data bound columns. Checkboxes are displayed beside column cell values while checkbox values can be saved in separate hidden column.
3. Inbuilt support for displaying disabled checkboxes.

Row grouping
1. Checkbox support has been added in group columns, quite useful for selecting rows in cascade fashion.
2. All other checkbox column features are available like API to manipulate checkboxes, header checkboxes, binding to row selections, disabled checkboxes, etc.
3. Sorting of columns other than group by columns preserves the sorting of group by columns.
4. Sorting of group by column is done in top down approach i.e., first first group column is sorted, then 2nd and so on and in last the cell values of the column are sorted.

Tree grid
1. Support for header checkbox which is useful when there are multiple root nodes in tree grid.
2. Support for disabled checkboxes.
3. Batch editing.

1. It can be used even in string columns when number or date cell values are present in column.
2. It is skipped if there is only single cell selection initially which makes more intuitive sense.
3. It can be skipped by Ctrl / Cmd key press.

Note: This version has some unavoidable breaking changes mainly w.r.t filtering, please read through the upgrade guide while migration.

Best Regards
The ParamQuery team
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