ParamQuery grid is the fastest open source jQuery grid plugin with enterprise features like row grouping, pivot, treegrid, column grouping, nesting, batch editing, export to multiple formats, selections, full keyboard navigation in addition to the basic features like sorting, filtering, paging, inline editing, validations, etc.

Inspired by MS Excel and Google spreadsheet, it supports important spreadsheet features like Autofill, 90 common Excel formulas, import from and export to Excel ( xlsx ), merged cells.

It's the only grid to truly support unlimited rows and columns with blazing fast performance.

Server side interaction is based on simple RESTful API and it can be implemented in any server side language i.e., PHP, ASP.NET, J2EE, Cold fusion, etc.

It's free to use in any commercial or open source project under GPL v3 license. Hit like or donate star to github repo to support the grid.


Few of pqgrid premium users:

Feature comparison between Free and Pro versions

FeaturesFree version Pro versionComments


Virtual rendering( unlimited rows & columns even in IE )yesyes PQ grid is the only one to support unlimited rows and columns.
Infinite scrollingviewview, view
Smooth scrolling in virtual rendering-yes
Auto height of rows in virtual renderingyesyes No other grid except pqgrid and handsontable supports this feature.
Conditional styles of rows/cellsyesyes
Touch & swipe supportyesyes (native)
Context menuview

Drag and drop

Reorder rowsview
Between gridsview
Between grid and other componentsview
Reorder rows in grid with row groupingview
Between grids with row groupingview
Reorder rows in treegridview
Between treegridsview


Frozen rows, columns and summary rowsyesyes
Keyboard navigationyesyes
Copy pasteyesyes
Auto fill, drag to fill-view Very few grids support these premium features.
Merge cells- view, view
Javascript workbook (useful to export / import even third party components)-view
Import from xlsx-view
Cell referencing & Excel formulas-view


Export to Excelxml formatxlsx format
Export of merge cells, Excel formulas, number and dates formatting, grouped rows & columns-yes
Combined export of multiple grids to one workbook-view
Export of static and conditional styles-view
Preservation of data type of cells (dates, numbers) between Excel export and import-yes
Export to csvyesyes
Export to htmlyes

Pivot gid

Pivot grid with drag n drop toolPanel-view

Tree gid

Tree grid with aggregates, cascade checkboxes, custom icons, etc- view
Tree grid with lazy loading- view


Row detailsyesyes
Nested grids (upto any level)yesyes

Row grouping

unlimited columnsyesyes
OLAP mode-yes
Grouping toolbar-yes

Column grouping

unlimited levelsyesyes
Collapsed columns-yes








Cellyesyes (Range based API)
Checkbox selectionsyesyes

Inline editing

Row editingyesyes
History, undo & redoyesyes
Batch editing with commit and rollbackyesyes
Conditional editabilityyesyes