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Hello Team,

We have % Spent column (calculated as % Spent = Cost (H) / Budget (F) in rendering function) in paramquery grid.

% Spent is dependent on Budget & Cost Column.

Now when we are trying to see it in the Pivot mode then it is showing 0 in each cell of % Spent column instead of calculating its value its value.

 Can You please help me to give a solution for it?

Hello Team,

We a have paramquery grid with some numerical records with Budget Class (column) = "Budget" and some with Budget Class = "Portfolio" .
We are calculating the summary row as Total Budget remaining = Sum of Portfolio records - Sum of Budget records in Normal Mode of Grid.

Now when we are tying to calculate Total Budget remaining in Pivot mode of Grid then it is not calculating and showing blank in grand summary row.

Can we able to custom calculate it in Pivot mode too ? Please help us to resolve the issue.

Hello Team,


I need to be change font color as red and background color as yellow while adding new row in grid.

Please suggest to me or provide snippet of code.

Please find the below screenshot:-

Hello Team,


As we require how to stop drag and drop group rows one group to another group rows.

We need only same group we can drag and drop rows.

Please provide some example code or snippet of code.

Please find the below attached screenshots-

Hello Team,

We want to sort Projects by their Priority in descending order in row grouping, dynamically.

We need to sort it in on page load and on some different instances (dynamically).

One Case it is working but another one case it is working (sorting record as required).

Please check below plunkr and give a solution (sorting Projects by their Priority in descending order in row grouping keeping portfolio-record on top).

Note: >records of .constructive (.Budget/portfolio) should always need in top (sometimes - sorting record as Priority descending, it is coming down.)

Plunkr/problem URL:

Hello Team,

We want calculate and show result of division by below formula in new column "Calculated" in paramquery grid.
Calculated = Original Budget/Projected Budget

We added a code snipped in below URL- Please check it and update it with a solution.

Plunkr/problem url:

Help for ParamQuery Pro / Render CSS According to Child Items
« on: October 27, 2020, 03:11:24 pm »
Hello Team,

We have 3 level grouping and if Level 2 group summary have negative values than we require to show Level 1 font in Red color.

For Example we added a image for reference.

In image Sunil is in level 2 and having negative values and in this case Level 1 font summary require to show in negative according to respective columns.

Hi Team,

Can you please provide an example that how can we import data of Excel to grid without changing its column title (because normal import column is changing A, B, C like Excel)?

I want to import/add the data of below excel under the data of grid (do not replace the old data ) shown in below images.

Hi Team,

As required, I asking one valid question related to environment set up of param query grid using reactjs .

I already set up environment of param query using reactjs with local server then it is working fine. As required similarly how can set up

environment of param query grid using reactjs with share point web part to show param query app in share point page.


Help for ParamQuery Pro / Sort Inside Group
« on: September 07, 2020, 04:29:22 pm »
Hello Team,

Please check attached image and give me solution to sort grouping.

Let me know if you need more information.

Result should be: aaa,AA,Cooper

Hello Team,

Can you please help us that how can we make a grid fully responsive?

Below we are giving a URL of an example grid-

Problem URL:

Hello Team,

We want to add a drop down (choice) in cell of group column as we are adding in a cell of normal param query grid.

Our requirement is to add a drop down as CO# column in the cell of group column as shown in image.

Can you please help us to add it?

We created an problem plunkr here.

Problem plnkr URL:

Hello Team,

On right click of Cost Code in Group cell( highlighted/Image1) an popup,a dropdown of company is opening with companies not available in current cost code.

 After selecting a Company and clicking on Ok (Image2). The pop-up is closing and adding a row as required (Image3).

 But It is not adding the values of Company,Cost Code,Portfolio and other columns in new row and added row is not editable. That is a problem.

Kindly help me to add the editable row with company name and other numerical values as zero in selected group(right clicked).

The below code is running preferably in as local file on browser. Use the below Plukr and run it locally to reproduce error.

Problem URL:

Our requirement is to add an checkbox in front of last child of group tree as shown in image2 below.

Checkbox should be single selectable at time and on checked its cell background-color should get change in any other color.

Please give some example of it.

Problem url:

Hello Team,

Our requirement:

We have added check box in each row of grid-

 On checked : The intent of checkbox is to set 0 value of certain checked projects and update the row summary aggregations of all row group level or update the summary row excluding the values of checked project.

 On unchecked : return original value and updated the row summary aggregations as initial or update the summary row as the original values project for all row group level.

Here below I have added a snippet (In on check/uncheck: it is setting value to zero and regaining original but not updating the summary row).

Can You please help us to do it? Please check and reply asap.

Problem URL:

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